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Why should you use Nanaglow’s Sunflower Cleansing Oil?

What is oil Cleansing? Oil cleansing is a deep cleansing method in which you would use an oil based cleanser to wash your skin without stripping off all your skin's natural moisture. This method MELTS all your makeup off your skin (even on your eyes!!), removes dirt, oil, environmental pollution and sunscreen.  Why is it important?  It is super important to remove the first layer of makeup, dirt and oil off your skin so that your other skincare products penetrate better into your skin. Oil-based cleansers are effective in cleaning all skin types because they don’t contain harsh chemicals which strip the skin of its natural moisture, ceramides and lipids that give your skin a youthful appearance. Hence, our Sunflower...

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What is sunscreen. Why you need it. How it works for you. Know the 5 W’s and How of Sunscreen: Who: Every single person living under the sun What: Broad spectrum SPF 15 or higher; SPF 30 or higher for a day outdoors When: Every day, 30 minutes before going outside. Reapply every two hours Where: All skin that is exposed Why: Minimize risk of skin damage and skin cancer! How: An ounce (think of a shot glass) to entire body for each application. Sunscreen is an important part of a complete sun protection strategy. But sunscreen alone isn’t enough to keep you safe in the sun. For a complete sun protection strategy, seek the shade whenever possible, wear sun-safe clothing,...

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Six Common Makeup Mistakes

Do you wear makeup? If yes, stop doing these 6 things to your skin! I get this question a lot from my clients: “Is makeup bad for my skin? Does wearing makeup clog my pores? What is the best way to remove it at night? Is it okay to wear makeup every day?”  The fact is, you’re wearing makeup on your face for 10 to 12 hours a day, if not more, so for better or worse, it definitely has an effect on your skin, and a lot more than you might realize. It is therefore important to know that the choices you make directly affect the skin on your face. In this article, I’ll share with you six common...

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Skin Types vs Skin conditions

It is important to distinguish the difference between a skin type and a skin condition. You cannot modify your skin type, you are born with it and it will most likely stick with you your whole life. However, you can maintain your skin type by having a proper skincare routine. Skin conditions, on the other hand, are temporary and can be prevented by also having a proper skincare routine.  Skin Types A skin type is related to the amount of sebum (oil) your sebaceous glands secrete. This has nothing to do with the amount of water in your skin. Therefore, it is very important to choose your skincare products appropriately in order to improve your skin's appearance.    Photo Credit: Skinkraft   Alipic/Dry skin Alipic skin type is usually referred to dry skin that produces...

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Should You Cleanse or Exfoliate First?

By now you likely have heard about all of the importance of exfoliation and how it removes impurities from your pores. The way it leaves the skin cleaner, brighter, and healthier overall. The one thing you may still be wondering is, do you exfoliate or cleanse first? While we pick cleansing first in the order of things, this skincare question has been debated by many. The good news is that there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer. You can try a cleanser first, then an exfoliating face scrub. Or, you can exfoliate then cleanse the skin. The best thing to do is what works best for your skin. There are benefits to both. Ultimately, to understand the order of...

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