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5 tips on how to prevent Maskne


5 tips on how to prevent MASKNE, a modern day struggle!

Wearing a mask has now become routine for everyone. We wear masks to go shopping, to do groceries and even at work. Lately, plenty of clients are asking for tips regarding their “maskne” problems and what they need to do in order to prevent this, so I decided to publish a short blog to inform our followers.

What is maskne

Maskne has been a common concern ever since the pandemic started. “Maskne” – or acne mechanica as we call it – is pimples located in areas where your mask touches your face. Maskne occurs when sweat, oil and bacteria are trapped on your skin while wearing a mask, creating breakouts.

How to prevent maskne, FIVE important tips :

1. CLEANSE CLEANSE CLEANSE. Properly cleansing your pores: what does that mean? To start with it is a must to cleanse your skin everyday. In the morning, cleanse your skin with the Sunflower Cleansing Oil or the Citrus Cleanser (depending on your skin type) in order remove all dirt and oil accumulated during the previous night. You may or may not believe it but your pillow has a lot of dirt that we do not notice. That’s why it’s recommended to wash your pillowcase every 1-2 weeks.

It is also VERY important to DOUBLE-CLEANSE at night. Double cleansing means to start with an oil based cleanser to remove your makeup and sunscreen off your skin. Followed by a water based cleanser to deeply cleanse your pores and to remove all dirt, oil and impurities piled up during the day. 

2. Don’t forget to EXFOLIATE. It is also very important to exfoliate the dead skin cells of your skin once or twice every week. Check out Nanaglow’s article on the importance of exfoliation here. Dead skin cells normally shed during the day, but with the mask it tends to stay on your face and become clogged into your pores. Recommended to use the Volcanic Exfoliant once or twice a week to unclog your pores and let your skin breath. 

3. Skip the makeup. Right now is a good time to let your skin breathe. Wearing too many products under your mask (i.e. foundation, concealer, powder) can cause a build-up on the skin and lead to additional irritation and breakouts. If you absolutely want/need to wear makeup, it is vital that you cleanse your skin afterwards. Don’t get lazy ladies (: 

Friendly tip : simply apply makeup on your eyes and forehead to avoid maskne problems.

4. WASH YOUR MASK. If you are using a mask made out of cloth, make sure to wash it daily in warm water and dry it completely. If you are wearing a disposable mask, replace it as often as possible to avoid a build-up of oil and sweat or allow it to air out in between uses.

5. Treat your breakouts. I also recommend using a spot treatment on your breakouts at night. Apply a little bit of KiwiLitchi Balancing Gel on your pimples in order to reduce inflammation. A small dose goes a long way. Try it out, your skin will thank you!

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